Windows Server - Remote Desktop - Slide Shows and Videos

Asked By Adam on 12-Oct-09 11:08 AM
I have a windows 2003 server with terminal services running.
I have about 10 remote staff the work 100% on Remote Desktop, about 5 at a

If the user hits a website that have a slide show or a video running while
in RD it kills their session.  If you minimize or close that window then its

Is there anyway to use RD and view slide shows or videos?

I have a fast interent connection in the office 50 down / 20 up.
My users vary in speed of course but from what I can tell it is a RD /
Terminal limitation.

Any options to correct or work around?

Thank you,


Cláudio Rodrigues replied to Adam on 13-Oct-09 02:22 PM
The problem here is simple. RDP does not really work well for graphics
like the ones you mentioned. Windows Server 2008 R2 TS improved that a
lot but requires the new server OS and a new client.
If you want to stick to 2003 TS your only option is to use a third party
product like Quest's EOP or Citrix.

Cl??udio Rodrigues
CEO, WTSLabs Inc.
Adam replied to Cláudio Rodrigues on 13-Oct-09 02:32 PM
Thats what I figured.
Do you know if my 2003 Terminal license will transfer to 2008?
Also is the 2008 RDC client just an upgrade.. can download and install
assuming I have 2008 server?
Adam replied to Cláudio Rodrigues on 13-Oct-09 05:40 PM
Ok great.
May be able to work out upgrade in the next years budget then...

Im XP still so I hope wont need to update workstations.  But maybe just for
remote folk?