Windows Server - RemoteApp for Server 2003

Asked By Synapse Syndrome on 14-Apr-08 12:00 AM

According to this page, RemoteApp is available in Windows Server 2003 SP1
onwards.  At this stage I am unsure how to use it.

Would I be able to use a program that is already running on the server?
That is, can I have an instance of a program running live on the server,
24/7, and be able to call up this same running instance, on a desktop
computer, through RemoteApp?  Could I then close the application on the
remote computer, but still have that instance running on the server?



Ratnesh Yadav [MSFT] replied on 14-Apr-08 12:27 AM
TS RemoteApp is available on Windows Server 2008. Apps published using TS
RemoteApp can be accessed by clients Vista, Windows Server 2008, XP (SP2),
Win2K3(SP1) with new RDP client.

Following is the text from link you mentioned

Windows Server 2008.
Terminal Services RemoteAppT (TS RemoteApp) enables organizations to provide
access to standard Windows®-based programs from virtually any location to
users of any Windows Vista®-based or Windows Server® 2008-based computer, or
to users of Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2)-based or Windows Server
2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)-based computers that have the new Remote
Desktop Connection (RDC) client installed."

Synapse Syndrome replied on 14-Apr-08 12:33 AM
Oh okay, I misread.  But does RemoteApp (in Server 2008) allow running
instances to be called and used on the remote computer in the way I
mentioned in the original post?

Synapse Syndrome replied on 15-Apr-08 12:28 AM
Is Presentation Virtualization the solution to what I am asking about?