Windows Server - Gateway to access TS - help please

Asked By Elliott on 29-Mar-07 05:46 PM
I have a windows 2003 server running terminal services.
I want to add a 2nd internet gateway router to my network. Everything is up
and running, but the access to the TS server by RDP only works from the
original router. This, I think is because of the default gateway address
specified in the route table. How do I configure an alternate gateway to
allow access from both internet connections to the TS server?

thanks for your  help


Zenon Pilat [MS] replied on 30-Mar-07 05:58 AM
RDP protocol is working on top of TCP so it should work same way your TCP/IP
protocol is working.
Can you ping all computers in your network?

Zenon Pilat (MS)
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moncho replied on 30-Mar-07 08:43 AM
I have the same type of setup (mainly for testing different registry
keys for network connections).

In order to use the other Internet connection, you will need to setup
direct routes on your TS server.  This will be a big problem if the
users coming in have dynamic IP addresses.

If they have static IP addresses then you could add static routes to TS.
You will also need to know if TS sees the users Internal IP address or
their External IP address.

Example- 2nd Internet Gateway =, Client IP =

route add mask gw -p

That will then allow your client to come in and out on the 2nd NIC.

If no one is coming in on your 1st NIC, then you could also remove the
default gateway from the 1st NIC and enter the default gateway on the
second NIC.