Windows Server - NTFS quota vs. FSRM quota

Asked By Madtom_182 on 14-Jan-09 06:42 AM
In Windows Server 2003 R2, you can put quota on disk which enable a
Resource Manager.

On a test server, I enabled both, and it works pretty fine.
But does someone try it on production server?
And, especially, does it impact performance?
Is there any tricks to make it works fine?

Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS] replied on 14-Jan-09 06:42 AM
Hello Madtom_182,

NTFS is a disk quota, so the added accounts can not use more then the allowed
space on the complete disk. With FSRM you can use use folder quotas and differentiate
it for your needs.

Also see here for FSRM (expand the + in the left pane):

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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