Windows Server - how to add computers to WSUS computer group

Asked By QuyNguyen on 13-Oct-08 03:27 PM
I installed WSUS in the 2003 server box.  Now I try to add computers in
domain into the computer group of WSUS.
I opened WSUS admin console. clicked on computers. There is no computer on a
group. How can I add them to the group. Thanks

JohnB replied on 13-Oct-08 03:44 PM
Configure a GPO to point your XP clients to the WSUS server
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components >
Windows Update
And at the very minimum there, configure "Specify intranet Microsoft Update
Service Location"
Meinolf Weber replied on 16-Oct-08 04:40 AM
Hello QuyNguyen,

Did you add the wuau.adm to your administrative templates in a GPO and configure
the policy for the machines? The computers can only report to the WSUS server
if they are configured to do it.

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Meinolf Weber
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QuyNguyen replied on 13-Oct-08 04:32 PM
That I would like to know. How to add wuau.adm to gpo.Please tell me steps
to do it.
The wsus server is not the domain controller.  should I install wsus in
domain controller? Thanks
JohnB replied on 14-Oct-08 02:57 PM
I'm not familiar with this method.
I've always configured a GPO in:
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components >
Windows Update
What's the advantage of doing it the way you suggest?