Windows Server - CI files growing and reducing C drive disk space

Asked By lmhaggblo on 03-Oct-08 06:53 AM
On Monday, 09/29/08, my Windows Server 2003 system told me I was low
on system resources, and when I checked, I only had 700 MB of 12 GB
left of free disk space when I should of had 2.27 GB free space.  The
problem was the "CIfiles" folder, which held a 500 MB .ci file.  The
number in the file name was also on three other files, but they were
small.  The windows.edb file was 1GB.  So, we stopped the Windows
Search service, deleted all four "CIfiles" folder files with the
filename of the 500 MB, and emptied the recycle bin.  Then, the
windows.edb file shrunk and the disk space increased back to 2.27 GB
free space.  We restarted the Windows Search service, and this
morning, the C drive was down to 1.17 GB free space.  I repeated the
above steps and did not restart the search services.  I ran a Mcaffee
virus scan on the C drive, but it only revealed 12 cookies that I
cleaned or deleted.  The path to the files is: C://Documents and
Settings/All Users/Applications/Microsoft/Search/Data/Applications/
Windows/Windows.edb.  Then, from ....../Windows/Projects/SystemIndex/
Indexer/Cifiles.  Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior?

jhawkly replied on 20-Oct-08 07:01 PM
As near as I can tell the windows.edb file is created by Windoze file
indexing service.   If you disable that optional service, then the files
should stay deleted.
ben ousle replied on 07-Nov-08 03:08 PM
I had same issue stoping the service eliminated the problem. Now when users
log into my terminal server with service stopped. I get a msg that "Outlook
can no longer perfrom quick search tasks while the service is stopped. Does
anyone know how to fix it so the .edb doesn't grow at an alarming rate so i
can keep this service started. I've got other servers that don't fill up fast.