Windows Server - Perfmon Counter Log

Asked By cw on 01-Aug-08 12:26 PM
I'm tring to capture some perf counters in to a SQL2005 DB (Win2003 sp2 "Srv
A") from a remote server (Win2003 sp2 "SrvB). I can get the Counter log set
up on SrvA, but when I try to start the logging to get the counter from Srv
B, the counter log will not start.  I have it set up to run as an admin on
the server and even tried to get it started by collecting only processor
counters (I have serveral I need to capture).

I've tried saving the data in a binary, text, and SQL DB, but it just will
not start.  I can run it all on the local machine, but Srv B is having I/O
issues I need to track down, so I want to run the perf counters from Srv A.

Any help would be appreciated!

Dave Patrick replied on 01-Aug-08 12:32 PM
Might be service permissions issue.



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