Windows Server - Hyperterminal

Asked By Lee Jefferies on 23-Jul-08 07:02 PM
Hyperterminal was removed from Vista and thus I assume from Server
2008.  I have a firewall that needs to be setup using a null modem
serial interface.  I know there is a Hyperterminal download on the
internet that will probably do the job.  Is there any included
software in Server 2008 that will interface to the server port and let
me set up the firewall?

Meinolf Weber replied on 26-Jul-08 08:24 PM
Hello Lee,

As you said, since Vista and server 2008 not. Copy the old hypertrm.dll and
hypertrm.exe from 2003 to the 2008 server to whatever location and start
the hypertrm.exe . Specify the location settings and at the end you can choose
like before the old COM port connection settings. If hyperterminal is not
installed you can install it on the 2003 and copy the 2 files after installing
or you can expand them from them installation disk, you find them under i386
as hypertrm.dl_ and hypertrm.ex_

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Lee Jefferies replied on 24-Jul-08 08:15 PM
Thanks Meinolf that is very helpful advice.  Much appreciated

Lee Jefferies