Windows Server - Rebooting server causes PC to lose connection

Asked By NetAdmi on 02-Nov-07 06:41 PM
I have 2 Domain Controllers at my site. Both are Global Catalog Servers, DNS
servers, WINS servers, and are version 2003 Standard with SP2.
When I reboot either one, some of my servers report errors about not bieng
able to connect to other servers in my domain such as the database server. In
the IP properties of each member server I have both DNS server IPs entered.
Is there a timeout period that has to occur before the member server
switches over to another DC to authenticate or resolve names? If so, how to I
speed that process up?
Thank You

Meinolf Weber replied on 12-Nov-07 05:20 AM
Hello Net,

Please post the complete error from the event viewer. Some entries if they
only show up after restart can be ignored. But we have to see the complete
errors for this.

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Meinolf Weber
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NetAdmi replied on 03-Nov-07 01:58 PM
Here is the error from a Sharepoint web server:

Check the database connection information and make sure that the database
server is running.

That error will occur until the DC comes back up even though the other DC is
up and running just fine. db1 is up the whole time.
NetAdmi replied on 03-Nov-07 02:39 PM
Db1 holds the SQL database. The Sharepoint Web Server is where I get the
error whenever either of the DCs reboot. I ran netdiag and all tests came
back with "Passed". I did find this to be odd though:

Secure channel for domain 'CORP' is to '\\'.
Cannot test secure channel to other DCs since you are not an

I am an Enterprise Admin. I am a member of Admins on that server.
All servers at this site use one of the DCs as their first DNS/WINS server
and the other as their secondary. It does sound like during the reboot the
Sharepoint Web Server lost connection to the DNS server but shouldn't it have
swithed to its secondary DNS server immediately?
Thanks for helping, Meinolf.
NetAdmi replied on 03-Nov-07 03:28 PM
That's what I thought but that error continues for about 4 minutes until the
server comes back up (87 errors total). It should have switched after the
first few errors shouldn't it have?
NetAdmi replied on 03-Nov-07 10:29 PM
No, no other errors whatsoever. I did check all DCs for DNS errors some time
back. Maybe I should do it again.
I had forgotten about DNSLint
Thank You Meinolf, I will run tests and respond with the results tomorrow.