Windows Server - Registry Hive corrupt after repair of server 2003

Asked By SimonGra on 22-Jun-07 04:13 AM
I had to do a repair on a Windows 2003 server which was refusing to boot with
a corrupt filestructure.

The server is now running ok, but just before the CTRL-ALT-DELETE login
prompt I get a message that says;

was corrupted and it has been recovered. Some data might have been lost"

If I click ok, the apply settings banner stays for another 10 seconds or so
and then I can log on normally.

I've created another admin account and logged in as that but I can't remove
ntuser.dat from the administrator folder as it's in use.

Any ideas?

Pegasus replied on 22-Jun-07 06:08 AM
Reboot the machine, log on under the other admin account,
then blow away the flawed administrator profile.
Steve Gould replied on 22-Jun-07 01:13 PM
If that does not work try booting to safe mode with the second admin account.
Might work, might not...