Windows Server - Cannot Start WSUS service and cannot login to windows update WSUSAdmin page!!

Asked By mcp on 09-Sep-08 01:05 AM
Hello evryone,

I think this issue is caused becuase my MSDE2000 database file for
WSUS has grown above 2.12GB and the limit to Msde2000 is 2GB correct?

how do i get around this as i can't start wsus instance in Sql
enterprise Manager, i cant start MSQL$WSUS service, it starts for 5
seconds and then stops. All was working ok, and im pretty sure this is
due to database size limit. or is it??

this is the error and nothing has changed in relation to user accounts

Connection to database failed. Reason=Cannot open database requested
in login 'SUSDB'. Login fails.
Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'.. Connection
string: Data Source=server\WSUS;Initial Catalog=SUSDB;Connection
Timeout=60;Application Name=WSUS SQL
Connection;Trusted_Connection=Yes;Pooling='true'; Max Pool Size = 100

your help is greatly appreciated!


mcp replied on 12-Sep-08 06:13 AM
Anyone please?
mcp replied on 12-Sep-08 06:14 AM
I cant believe no one has an answer?
mcp replied on 20-Sep-08 08:38 AM
anyone please please?