Windows Server - How does the wuauclt client get updated?

Asked By Barkley Bees on 13-Feb-08 12:13 AM
I have many XP client machines that have the old wuaclt.exe version
'5.4.3790.2180'. If I set the GPO to point to my WSUS 2.0SP1 server will it
automatically update them to wuauclt.exe version '7.0.6000.381' or do I need
to run 'wuauclt.exe /detectnow' on the client?

eddie replied on 13-Feb-08 07:09 PM
Yes (well to 7.0.6000.374). The first thing the client will do is check the
server to see if the client needs to be updated and then do a selfupdate if
needed. You should be able to see that in the windowsupate.log when it

Eddie Bowers
Security Support
Microsoft Corporation

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SteveNewb replied on 14-Feb-08 05:31 AM
Hi Eddie,

If you are using WSUS SP1 as an SCCM SUP, and you are using it on a custom
port, with port 80 disabled, will there be issues with the self-update or
does that fact that you are using a CM client mean that Windows gains this
custom port information from the SUP and therefore allows the client to


Harry Johnston [MVP] replied on 14-Feb-08 02:36 PM
I don't know anything about SCCM SUP, but in general: if your WSUS server
doesn't support port 80, then very old clients won't be able to self-update.
However, it you install the most recent downloadable client (or any client less
than a few years old) it will be able to self-update to the WSUS SP1 version.