Windows Server - Make downstream server upstream server?

Asked By Andrew Story on 17-Sep-07 07:26 AM

Is it possible to make a WSUS downstream server the upstream server and vice
versa?  I have a requirement to move my org's WSUS upstream service (not
server) to a different phyiscal site.  The original upstream server will
stay where it currently is.

Any help much appreciated.

Winfried Sonntag [MVP] replied on 17-Sep-07 01:10 PM
Andrew Story schrieb:

Hope i understand you right. If you are using WSUS 3.0 you can switch
from Down to Upstream every Time and Day. Have a look in Options.

Andrew Story replied on 19-Sep-07 09:43 AM
Sorry, using WSUS 2.0 on Win2k server.
Winfried Sonntag [MVP] replied on 19-Sep-07 09:57 AM
Andrew Story schrieb:

OK, with WSUS 2.0 only by un- and reinstall the WSUS.

Andrew Story replied on 19-Sep-07 10:03 AM
Thanks Winfried,

What is the easiest way to make a downstream server an upstream one with all
the correct approvals please?

Winfried Sonntag [MVP] replied on 19-Sep-07 10:51 AM
Andrew Story schrieb:

Uninstall, with the option, hold the database and all updates, Install
again and say you are an upstreamserver. ;)

Andrew Story replied on 19-Sep-07 11:02 AM
Andrew Story replied on 01-Oct-07 03:25 AM
Hi again,

When I remove WSUS and re-install it seems to come back as a downstream
server, are there anymore steps I need to take during install.uninstall to
make it upstream?