Windows Server - WSUS Inventory - Win32_Bios SerialNumber

Asked By Bren on 16-Jul-07 05:02 PM
WSUS 3.0 is awesome.  However, I have a question about the built in inventory
functionality.  Is is possible to collect other information such as the
win32_bios SerialNumber?

I see the client downloads an inventory.xml file that has all the WMI calls
to collect, but can this be updated?  I would imagine the sql table would be
too?  Anyone know how to do this of have any documentation?

Thanks in advance!
- Brent

Lawrence Garvin \(MVP\) replied on 16-Jul-07 10:04 PM
You can collect whatever is exposed via the API. See the WSUS 3 SDK for

Lawrence Garvin, M.S., MCTS, MCP
Independent WSUS Evangelist
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Everything you need for WSUS is at

And, almost everything else is at
Bren replied on 17-Jul-07 08:48 AM
Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for the response.  I understand a new Inventory Item would most
likely be set using the API.  However, my question is related to how and is
it possible to do so.

The documentation is not very useful to me.  For instance, it looks like are
two relevant classes, InventoryItemProperty and IIventoryItem.  Both's
descriptions are the same, "Represents a property of an inventory item."  But
each has different properties and functions and the documentation doesn't
give much details as to what each should be set to.

Anybody else done this or have any suggestions?