Windows Server - Replace single Server 2003 R2 32 bit DC with 2003 64 bit DC with same computer name

Asked By Bob Genestet on 10-Mar-08 02:43 PM
Can I add the new Server 2003 64 bit to the domain as a member server, run
adprep on old DC if necessary, install AD, DNS, etc, install catalog server,
dcpromo to replicate AD, remove new server from network and seize FSMO
roles, rename new DC to old name using computer rename wizard in "My
Computer", switch servers?

I am also moving exchange 2007 running under 32 bit on the old DC to the new
DC to run 64 bit. Can I simply use Exchange backup and restore for this? and


Bob Genestet replied on 10-Mar-08 02:55 PM
I forgot to mention that I would install Exchange after the new server is
made a DC and renamed to the old server name because dcpromo cannot be run
on a 2003 DC with exchange installed. Also, this is the link to the process
for renaming a 2003 DC

Meinolf Weber replied on 12-Mar-08 07:05 AM
Hello Bob Genestet" bob.genestet(at),

There is also a way to move transfer the FSMO roles wihtout the HARD way
of seizing.
Check this out:

For renaming check out this one, BUT make a good backup BEFORE:

Exchange running on DC's is not recommended by MS. Better use a member server
for it.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Bob Genestet replied on 10-Mar-08 03:15 PM
Thank you for your reply. If all goes as planned using these methods, will I
be required to change any settings on the client computers, such as rejoin
domain, redo mapped drives (assuming I create the same file structure on the
new DC), change network printers (assuming I set up identical printers on
the new DC), or update Outlook/Exchange settings?