Windows Server - I have lost Outlook Web Access

Asked By VictoriaB on 22-Sep-09 10:35 AM
Hello all and thank you in advance for any help.

We have Windows Server 2008 and everything was fine until I
accidentally deleted the SBS Web Application site in IIS7 and now
Outlook Web Access does not work. I have not the faintest idea how to
it back again, and I have spent days trying to find out how to restore
it but with no luck.
Any help, clues, directions, anything, would be brilliant.

In desperation,


AllenM replied on 22-Sep-09 11:26 AM
Go into the SBS Server Console/Network/Configuration and run the Fix My
Network wizard again.
VictoriaB replied on 22-Sep-09 11:46 AM
Hi AllenM,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have just run this twice, both times
it got three quarters of the way through and said 'Windows SBS Fix My Network
Wizard has stopped working...'

Thank you,

AllenM replied on 22-Sep-09 12:02 PM
Run the SBS BPA tool. this should show you that OWA is broken and what needs
to be done to fix it. If you have any questions regarding the results post
it here.
VictoriaB replied on 22-Sep-09 12:37 PM
There was one error of interest (below) the others were about display issues
on shared mailboxes.

Header	Severity	Title	Group Type	Group Name	Description
Error	DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP address			The host (A)
resource record points to the incorrect IP address The record should point
VictoriaB replied on 22-Sep-09 12:38 PM
And two other errors that may be of interest:

Warning	DHCP Server Service not started			The DHCP Server service is not
running on this server. By default, this service is running and Startup Type
is set to Automatic. To disable the DHCP Server service, click Start, click
All Programs, point to Windows Small Business Server, and then click Windows
SBS Console (Advanced Mode). In the Windows SBS Console, click the Network
tab, click the Connectivity tab, and then click Stop DHCP.
Warning	Distribution Groups OU does not exist			Windows Small Business
Server's MyBusiness\Distribution Groups OU does not exist
Warning	Local activation permission to the IIS WAMREG Admin Service
required			The Network Service is missing local activation permissions to the
IIS WAMREG admin Service in accordance with the event ID 10016 in the system
event log. For more information, see KB Event ID error messages 10016 and
10017 are logged in the System log after you install Windows SharePoint
Services 3.0" at"
AllenM replied on 22-Sep-09 01:44 PM
I think you may need to put out a distress call to Susan Bradley. An MVP who
is very talented and knowledgable with SBS and Exchange. In SBS 2003 all you
really needed to do was rerun the CEICW to fix your OWA problem. Now with
SBS 2008 it is not quite that simple. however I would have thought that if
you were able to successfully run the Fix My Network it would have resolved
your problem. I got one more suggestion that should assist you and that is
to run the Exchange BPA also. that is located in the Exchange Management
Console under Tools. Repost this and in the field mark Attention Susan
Bradley. she is a frequent visitor here in this NG and is always willing to
help out with her expertise. Good luck.
Ace Fekay [MCT] replied on 23-Sep-09 01:01 AM
I am not sure of the total ramificaitons with reinstalling IIS on an SBS
(whatever version) machine, because there are other features and apps that
use it, but specifically for Exchange, check out the following article.
However, keep in mind, you will have to remove and reinstall the CAS role.

How to remove and to reinstall IIS on a computer that is running Exchange
Server 2000, 2003 and 2007

Also, take not, the following is quoted from the article:
2007, you must also reinstall Exchange 2007. This is to restore links to IIS
that provide Outlook Web Access functionality together with other
Exchange-related Web services such as the Availability service."

I am just trying to point out that it is a time consuming event and requires
a bit of diligence to complete it.


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confers no rights.

Please reply back to the newsgroup or forum for collaboration benefit among
responding engineers, and to help others benefit from your resolution.

Ace Fekay, MCT, MCTS 2008, MCTS Exchange, MCSE, MCSA 2003 & 2000, MCSA
Microsoft Certified Trainer

For urgent issues, please contact Microsoft PSS directly. Please check for regional support phone numbers.
VictoriaB replied on 23-Sep-09 06:35 AM
Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions here.

I did consider reinstalling IIS but at the moment I'd rather save that as a
last resort.

I tried to install the Exchange BPA but it is asking me to install .net
framework 1.1 and I am not sure if I want to do that.

If anyone knows of any other possible answers in the meantime I would be
very grateful.

Thank you,

Ace Fekay [MCT] replied on 23-Sep-09 07:48 AM
If the SBSBPA requires .Net Framework 1.1, then it will need it, or it cannot
run. The BPA is a valuable tool for SBS.

It is unfortunate that the SBS Web Application site in IIS7 was deleted. The
applications section in IIS are the actual programs that run and perform
various functions. I can understand the reluctance in following the
procedure in the link I have provided. However, at this time, keep in mind,
OWA is non-functional, and I am willing to bet there is a possibility that
other functions are failing because the application site is no longer

If you do not have a System State and c: drive backup prior to the deletion
that you can use to restore it, then I think at this time, it may be a wise
choice to call Microsoft PSS (Product Support and Services) to assist you in
repairing your SBS installation. After all, this is a production server, and
you need to get this functionality up and running. PSS does not charge by
time. They charge a one time fee, and they will take as long as it takes to
get it working, for that one time fee.

VictoriaB replied on 23-Sep-09 08:10 AM
Hi Ace,

Thank you for the quick reply.

I had not even thought of using a backup, and yes I do have a backup prior
to the deletion. However, I have never restored that kind of data before and
it will not let me restore IIS on it is own, and I do not want to overwrite
other things - is it possible to do this?

Thank you,

Ace Fekay [MCT] replied on 23-Sep-09 08:41 AM

Since you deleted a web application, you deleted its reference in the
Metabase, which is what IIS uses to store it is settings. The system state
will restore those settings, that is provided you did not also delete the
actual files related to the app (in program files, etc). If you did, then
you can also restore those specific files. I do not know exactly what you have
deleted, but if it was JUST in IIS, then a System State restore will fix it,
from what I am gathering from your explanation.

VictoriaB replied on 23-Sep-09 08:53 AM
Yes, it was just the IIS information that I deleted, nothing more, so thank
you very much for that idea.

Just one question, I get an Active Directory warning when I click on the
files to restore in System State - will I overwrite AD if I go ahead with

Thank you,

Al Williams replied on 23-Sep-09 04:17 PM
Depending upon what exactly you deleted and where you may be able to restore
the IIS "metabase" files.  Note that IIS7 does not have a metabase per-se
anymore but this article may give you some ideas:

I am not an expert on IIS7, so backup first.  You may also want to post into
the SBS2008-specific group, instructions for joining it are here:

Allan Williams
Ace Fekay [MCT] replied on 24-Sep-09 12:11 AM
If you only have one domain controller in the domain, eg the SBS, then no,
you do not want to restore it, especially if the system state backup is a
week old, which I assume since your first posting date. It will overwrite
current data. If you have added a replica DC, then you can go ahead and do
it. I believe you only have the SBS server and it is the only server, so to
speak (as in domain controller), so I suggest not to run the restore.

As far as restoring IIS7, the metabase no longer exists. I know I mentioned
it was there earlier, but I forgot you are on SBS2008. II7 uses an XML
configuration file called applicationHost.config. Read that first link Al
Williams posted. it is a good article on II7. You can follow his suggestions
to post to the SBS2008 Connect forum regarding this issue. There are
qualified folks that can help you with SBS2008 and restoring IIS7. As I said
earlier, I do not know the ramifications of restoring IIS7 on SBS 2008,
since SBS has numerous features that use web services.

Keep in mind, the longer you wait, and start a new post elsewhere, the
longer it will take you to get up and running. I feel your best option is to
call PSS. They'll have it done in a jiffy. Otherwise, you can post to the
SBS2008 Connect forum.

Ace Fekay [MCT] replied on 24-Sep-09 12:11 AM
Good article on IIS7. :-)

VictoriaB replied on 25-Sep-09 11:36 AM
Thank you very much for all the information and help, I will give it a go!

Thank you,

Ace Fekay [MCT] replied on 25-Sep-09 11:43 AM
You are welcome. Please let us know how you make out.

VictoriaB replied on 26-Sep-09 05:35 AM
Well, I managed to restore IIS and when I visit the OWA page it lets me log
in, but then I get this error:
Cannot connect to the Remote Web Workplace site. To continue, contact your
network administrator.
I have tried the fix explained here:
but this did not work. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.
Thank you,
VictoriaB replied on 26-Sep-09 05:50 AM
I have also received this error when accessing https:\\\owa (the below
error was when accessing \remote):

Outlook Web Access did not initialize. An event has been logged so that the
system administrator can resolve the issue. Please contact technical support
for your organization.
Outlook Web Access was unable to access the Active Directory configuration
settings for virtual directory "owa" under Web site "SBS Web Applications".


Copy error details to clipboard
Show details

User host address: *********

Exception type:
Exception message: Outlook Web Access was unable to access the Active
Directory configuration settings for virtual directory "owa" under Web site

Call stack

sender, EventArgs e)

Inner Exception
Exception type:
Exception message: Outlook Web Access was unable to access the Active
Directory configuration settings for virtual directory "owa" under Web site

Call stack

session, String virtualDirectory, String webSiteName, ADObjectId
distinguishedName, Boolean isPhoneticSupportEnabled)
Ace Fekay [MCT] replied on 26-Sep-09 10:45 AM
Unfortunate it did not work. I would honeslty consider calling PSS at this
point. When you call, tell them that OWA and RWW does not work as well as
anything else going on, so it is all in the same ticket, so they will fix both
under the same complaint.