Windows Server - How to see who is connected to the internet?

Asked By stmdoman on 07-Sep-09 09:58 AM

Frequently I need to re-start my sbs 2003 server, updates, changes, etc.

I always see if any user has any document open, using the server manager
(shares/view open files) and ask them to close those documents, but what
about the people that are using internet. When shutingdown the server this
people will have there connection broken, is there any method to see if an
user is connected to the internet? I remember that in sbs 4.5 there was an
option in the system manager to see connected users to the internet and even
take some reports of the sites visited.

How can I do this in sbs 2003?



Joe replied on 07-Sep-09 01:31 PM
There is some reporting available with ISA, if you have SBS Premium, but
in general it is not possible to say who is using Internet resources.

The most common Internet connections are http and https, and they are
protocols which do not use a continuous connection. Each page, and even
each file on a page, is a separate transaction. Continuity is maintained
during sessions by cookies or database use on the server, so it is
possible that an interrupted financial transaction could later be
resumed, but that is not certain.

It is safer to issue a message to all users, warning of an imminent
shutdown, and to make sure that the users know that you really mean it.

stmdoman replied on 07-Sep-09 02:46 PM
Hi Joe,

Yes we have SBS Premium, but we did't install ISA Server component.

I was almoust certain that it was not possible to detect who was using the

I will just keep issueing a message to the users to disconnect.

Thanks Joe for Your answer.

v-milel replied on 08-Sep-09 06:40 AM

Thank you for posting here.

According to your description, I understand that:

You want to know who is connected to the Internet in the SBS environment.

If I have misunderstood the problem, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Agree with Joe that Internet Access is discontinuity traffic and cannot be
monitored well. However, in ISA server there is Sessions monitoring feature
available that may provide some information on the online clients. You can
create a Filter to list all clients that is active in the last half hour.
It will list all clients that may still be active.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me

Best regards,

Miles Li

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