Windows Server - SBS 2008 - where is files in use and shares in use?

Asked By Martin on 26-Jan-09 06:08 PM

Just installed SBS2008. In 2000/2003 (and XP) if I want to manage, shared
folders it would show me shares, sessions and open files.

is there an equivalent in SBS 2008?



Russ \(www.SBITS.Biz\) replied on 26-Jan-09 06:24 PM
Open SBS manager
and Open Folders
and you can Add Shared folders there.
I can't remember if it shows sessions.
I'll have to get back to you on that.


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Les Connor [SBS MVP] replied on 26-Jan-09 07:29 PM
Unlike SBS 2003, you'll find some things more quickly using native tools.

The Windows SBS Native Tools Management link gives a similar view to SBS
2003 admin console. There you have Computer management | Shared Folders >
shares, sessions and open files, as well as a lot of other things you'll

Les Connor [SBS MVP]
Martin replied on 26-Jan-09 07:50 PM
thanks guys - much appreciated!
Jon-Alfred Smith replied on 26-Jan-09 07:54 PM
On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 15:24:24 -0800, "Russ \(www.SBITS.Biz\)"

I don't think so. But perhaps there are easier ways than described

Right-click Computer.
Select Manage. This will launch the Windows 2008 Server Manager.
In the Console Tree (left pane), select Roles, File Service.
The Work Pane/Result Pane (in the middle) will show all shares.
In the Actions Pane (to the right), you have several options:
Mange Sessions, Manage Open Files.

If you need to do such thing often,
run mmc from the Start Menu or a Console.
Add either the Folder or Share and Storage Management snap-in to your
Microsoft Management Console and save it.