Windows Server - OWA from LAN - URL ?

Asked By Jim on 02-Dec-08 05:16 PM
Hi All,

Have just installed a new SBS2003 R2.

The customer has setup an external A record for use with OWA and OMA.

They want to use this URL from LAN as well as they don't wan't to have to
enter one thing externally and another internally.

What's the best way about going about this ?

I instructed them to use https://servername/exchange from the LAN but they
don't want to do this, they just want the one URL for internal and external

Also it transpires that one or two of them used to use instant
messenger...any suggestions what they could use instead ?



Russ \(www.SBITS.Biz\) replied on 02-Dec-08 05:36 PM
You can use these tips

1. If were you host they allow subdomains created and redirect to an URL
(If it's a Linux Hosting with cPanel you can do this easily.)
then have them create to point to to point to to point to

Then they just have to put in a web browser
and you get to your RWW  etc page (You don't need to put the https)

Not all Hosting lets you Redirect an subdomain to a URL
(If it's a Linux Hosting and they use cPanel they you can do the above.)

So below is the alternative

Option 2.
If they don't allow Subdomains created and redirected to URLs (And only IPs)
Don't be surprised if they don't, My clients can have this feature but I
find it rare.

That probably being the norm.

Then have them create Three Subdomains.

Place in each directory a Basic page. index.htm or default.htm
(See Page a set up for a client of mine
(This page is easier to see in IE6 because IE7 Gives you the annoying cert

Then in the META Tag of that HTML Place a Auto Redirect (Similar to below)

For RWW:

For OWA:

For Company Web:

This will stop people from having to remember the 's' in https

I hope this helps


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Bill Sanderson replied on 03-Dec-08 10:49 AM
the same URL works both internally and externally on my sbs2003 system:


(In my case, the x and y are because I used to not be on a fixed IP
service, and my self-signed certificate is set to this name.)

Whether or not this works depends on the router hardware connecting you to
the Internet.  Some routers will handle such a request from the LAN side in
the way you expect, and others will not.

Russ's solutions look much more comprehensive, and probably work around this
issue of the router--but for me, this works without any effort.