Windows Server - Sharepoint MOSS 2007 cannot copy <filename> Insufficient System Resources exist to complete the requested service

Asked By signatureme on 26-Aug-08 01:30 PM
I am unable to copy files on my Sharepoint Moss 2007 server logged into
the server consol.  I can copy from a workstation, and from the web
site, but I can no longer copy files directly from file explorer to the
sharepoint shared folder.  It doesn't matter the size of the file, can
be 10k or 10meg.  I can create folders but no files.  As stated, if I
attempt to copy from a workstation mapping the locations, or using UNC,
it works fine.  This is a very annoying problem was working fine until
recently as it is a new development.
I am running:
Server 2003 std
SQL2005 full (not express)
MOSS 2007 Full (not express)
dual 3.4 xeon
5 gig of ram
large disk array

I have watched the resources and I am not out of resources.  My caches
do not appear to be full, I am continuing to add content to SQL tables
through Sharepoint, so that's not the problem. this is some sort of
error inside Sharepoint.
Any assistance would be great
thank you

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Cris Hanna [SBS - MVP] replied on 26-Aug-08 02:28 PM
You're really in the wrong newsgroup
This group focuses on Small Bsuiness Server

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