Windows Server - Moving cookies and history to user on new box.

Asked By Hollis Paul on 16-Aug-08 06:58 PM
From where, on WinXP, SP3, do you export the cookies and history to new
hardware running Vista Business?  And no, the profile in question does
not roam.

Hollis Paul replied on 16-Aug-08 06:58 PM
In article
OK, I found a KB that says how to do this in Win 2000, and it still seems
to work in WinXP.

Hollis Paul
Mukilteo, WA  USA
Dave Nickason [SBS MVP] replied on 16-Aug-08 03:21 PM
Hollis - I'm not sure how you move the history.  You can move the cookies
from the IE File menu -> Import and export.

But are you familiar with Windows Easy Transfer that comes with Vista?  IMO
this is the best thing ever for moving user profiles to new hardware.  Stick
the Vista CD in the XP box and start Windows Easy Transfer from the auto run
screen.  I recommend selecting to move everything, then on the next screen
of the wizard you should get an option to pick and choose what to move/not
move.  If you just let it move everything, you'll end up with pretty much
the contents of the old machine's C drive, so make sure you narrow it down

I've not gotten the option to work where you run it directly from old PC to
new.  I always copy from the old machine to a network share, then to the new

Windows Easy Transfer makes the FAST Wizard look like a toy.  If you haven't
tried it, I think you'll be impressed.  It moves MRU lists, saved
passwords - really an amazing amount of stuff.  I had IE customizations made
in the registry on my XP box and it even moved those.
Hollis Paul replied on 16-Aug-08 06:58 PM
Well, I did find the Vista Easy Transfer Wizard, and after trying to grab the
stuff the Fast Transfer wizard had deposited on the new machine, I managed to
deposit the VETWiz on the network doc server, and installed it on the WinXP
machine.  When I ran it from the old machine, I was able to push 889,000,000 of
data across to the new machine to a save file.  I then opened the Vista Easy
Transfer Wizard again, pointed it to the saved transfer file, fed it the key
and let it rip.  It said that it was data from an old system and that it would
attempt no resolution of settings, and the files would be deposited in the
folder labeled Old Files.  Well, that folder had a size of 35 mb, contained
only useless Windows XP files, and nothing from Ann's profile.  Unfortunately,
there seems to be no facility to do manual resolution.

Is there some way I can manually look inside that transfer file and attempt to
resolve what we may want?

Hollis Paul
Mukilteo, WA  USA
Aart Jansen replied on 18-Aug-08 01:13 AM
*looks on intently*, my experience with easy transfer wizard didn't leave me
impressed at all, I guess its a "your results may vary" product.
Gotta love it's ability to crash at 3-4Gb mark, or simply not recognising
the transfer file it creates, or the inability to navigate back a step if
you click the wrong method accidentally. All it taught me was not to even
try a direct network transfer and always use the option to save migration
data to a file. / import from file.
Cliff Galiher replied on 18-Aug-08 04:28 AM
For the record, many tools in vista have gone to the 'browser' method of
navigation (a counter-intuitive move if you ask me) so don't look for a
'back' button next to the 'next' button or 'continue' button.  For many
vista wizards, the back button is inexplicably in the upper lefthand coner
of the window.  As I recall, this includes the Easy Transfer Wizard.  So you
*can* change if you chose something wrong accidentally.  As far as the other
stuff, definitely YMMV because I've not had the problems you

Dave Nickason [SBS MVP] replied on 18-Aug-08 01:51 PM
You're running Windows Easy Transfer on the XP box, from the Vista DVD,
right?  In that case, somewhere in the wizard is a place to select what you
want to transfer.  It's not completely intuitive - if I remember right, you
select to transfer everything.  Then on the next screen, there's a long list
(or a link to the long list) of everything it's going to transfer, and you
can uncheck whatever you don't want.

If you just took the defaults, that Old Files directory probably contains
everything from the old machine that could not directly transfer to the new.
That's including Program Files, etc. - a mountain of useless stuff.

Personally, I'd go back and run it again, making sure to unselect anything
you don't want to move - there will be a lot you don't want to transfer.
Either that or transfer all the settings, and do the files manually.

Aart, I've never had any luck with direct transfer either.  I just gave up
on it after the first few failures -it only adds 1/2 hour or so going out to
a network share, then back in to the new PC.
Hollis Paul replied on 18-Aug-08 11:19 PM
In article <>, Aart Jansen
I did, if fact, save it to a file on the new computer, as I had network
connectivity.  I presume that it was an import when I browsed to the file
and clicked OK.  Still did not work satisfactory.

Hollis Paul
Mukilteo, WA  USA
Hollis Paul replied on 18-Aug-08 11:19 PM
I didn't even see the program files folder, but I will look again.  I did take
the choice of everything, and then added the cookies folder.  If that did
transfer the cookies folder and it did work, where would it be on the new
machine?  I had manually copies the cookies folder to the new MyCookies folder,
but Ann says she is getting no help from cookies.

I have the same question of the Browser's history database?  Where would I look
for that on the Vista Business computer?

Thanks everybody, for the informative comments.  I'm still angry as hell, ...,
But I don't feel so alone.  If this wizard was optimized for Vista to Vista
transfers, who was Microsoft kidding?  No one will be doing that for a couple
of years from now!

Hollis Paul
Mukilteo, WA  USA
Dave Nickason [SBS MVP] replied on 19-Aug-08 02:01 PM
I'm sorry you're having a bad experience with Windows Easy Transfer, and
kind of surprised, as it's worked well the times I've used it.  After
migrating from my old XP PC to this one, I just saw history, cookies,
favorites, etc. in IE just as they'd been on the old PC.

If you selected to move one profile, everything should be in the profile on
the Vista machine where you ran WET to import the files and settings.  If
you moved multiple profiles, it should have prompted you to select which
profile from the old machine should be matched to which one on the new.
Hollis Paul replied on 22-Aug-08 05:02 AM
It was just one profile.  I will look to see if I can tell if history or
cookies came across.

Hollis Paul
Mukilteo, WA  USA