Windows Server - File system issues on system partition

Asked By Mike on 14-Feb-08 05:08 PM
Hi all,

I have a Dell PE2800 sever running SBS 2003.  I'm getting the following
errors in NTBACKUP.

Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:0x80042306

Warning: Unable to open "C:\" - skipped.
Reason: The volume does not contain a recognized file system.
Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that
the volume is not corrupted.

In disk managment it shows the C drive as NTFS and Healthy (system).

The only releveant event log item is this
Event Type: Error
Event Source: VolSnap
Event Category: None
Event ID: 34
Date:  Monday 02/11/2008
Time:  23:01:26 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: server1
The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because of a failure to ensure
crash dump or hibernate consistency.

This all happened a month ago and when I rebooted the server then the system
partition was so bad that Windows setup, reocvery console, etc would not
recognize it as being there.  Luckily I had just started using Symantec BESR
(formerly Livestate) so I could take the last backup which is about 1-2
weeks old of the system parition and just put it back in place.  This poses
some issues with data on the data parition (D) like Exchange, SQL, etc
because the system parition is from a week or 2 ago but the data is current.

Research so far shows a chkdsk or manually removing com+ (through recovery
console) then reinstalling in windows maybe fix this issue.  However, I
would prefer to not reboot the server for fear of it's file system being
unrecognized again and having to restore the parition from BESR image.  Is
there a (safe) way to fix this while staying in Windows?


Holz replied on 14-Feb-08 07:11 PM
Partition size and space left?

sikcapr replied on 16-Feb-08 09:29 AM
Mike replied on 15-Feb-08 01:41 AM
System Partition (C drive) is 12.0GB with 1.38GB Free
Data (D) is 56.1GB with 18GB free

Any suggestions?
Mike replied on 15-Feb-08 01:43 AM
Please see my first post.  I'm getting errors in NTbackup-it will not backup
the system partition saying that it can't recognize the file system.

If I use Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery at this point it will create a
backup image that is un-mountable.

Can you suggest how to FIX the file system error?

Jim Behning SBS MVP replied on 15-Feb-08 08:20 AM
So of us no longer see your first post. Modern newsgroup readers and

Sometimes it is worthwhile to call Microsoft paid support. In the US I
think it is $259. Your time and data might be worth more than that.

Can you run NTBackup and just choose system state? Can you backup the
data drive?
Mike replied on 15-Feb-08 05:05 PM
I've considered calling MS, but the customer has a lot of things going on
for the next week+ that prevents even scheduled downtime.  This would
indirectly cause those things to be interupted.

The system state backup failed which I know is no good.  Here's the errors
from that
Backup started on Friday 02/15/2008 at 15:59 PM.

Error: Could not access portions of directory System State\COM+ Class
Registration Database.
You may not have permission to open the file, or the directory may be
missing or damaged.
Please contact the owner or administrator.

Error: Could not access portions of directory System State\Registry.
You may not have permission to open the file, or the directory may be
missing or damaged.
Please contact the owner or administrator.

The strange thing is, is the server is running fine now with nothing (other
than backup) not working.  No major errors in any event log either.

Jim Behning SBS MVP replied on 15-Feb-08 06:57 PM
Well as long as they budget for the server going up in flames, all
email and all data lost then they should be in good shape. I would at
least be copy all data from the server to a few different
workstations. You could stop the Exchange Information Store and copy
those files over. When the server goes up in smoke you at least have
that stuff to go back too. Keep a few copies of that stuff on a few
different workstations as a safety net. If they have anything in SQL
you might want to save that. Same if they use Sharepoint.

You may have to delete the partitions on he server, install server
software from scratch and rejoin workstations to new domain in the
future. I would be looking at a swing migration if the AD is in good
enough shape. That would save you a bunch of workstation work if the
server does die. Of course if you only have 5 workstations the domain
gong up in flames may be no big deal.
Mike replied on 16-Feb-08 12:28 AM
I'm sorry Jim, but I would expect more from someone calling themselves a SBS

1.  Creating a backup is certainly an evident step in a scenario like this.
I already stated I had a good BESR (Livestate) partition image backup of the
system partition from 2/5/08 and that I've done an image restore of this
partition a month ago.  Therefore I can put this system back to working
again, but I would like to FIX the issue so I don't have to continually
restore the image of the system parition and tip toe around the server.

2. I never said how many workstations (5?) that are in this organization.
There are actually 5 locations and about 25-30 systems, but that's
irrelavant to the problem and certainly the solution.

3. Advice to reinstall windows is not a very good solution.  Not very real
world. Not plan A, B, or C (try much later...aftter Microsoft can't fix).

Please only serious contributors to solutions to the issue I've posted.

Thanks and I welcome any positive 'fix' suggestions.

Jim Behning SBS MVP replied on 16-Feb-08 11:45 AM
Without a lot of smiley faces I was trying to suggest that the server
might be in bad shape. I seem to recall that some issues with Symantec
that may have been resolved with updates. Microsoft does not
officially recognize image restores. I suggested that backing up data
in alternate ways would be something I would do just in case the
server did die. Just in case the image you have is stale and does not
work. Just in case there is more up to date data that your good image
has not captured.

I suggested that capturing the AD data by introducing a swing server
might be a way to save touching 2-75 workstations if your images are
bad. With a good copy of AD you could do a scratch install of the
server software, call the server the exact same name it had, pull the
AD back over to the rebuilt server and the workstations would not know
that the server was rebuilt with a scratch install of the OS. This of
course assumes that all data was copied over to alternate places for
later restore.

Calling Microsoft does not require you to reboot the server. It does
not call for taking the server off line. You can talk to an engineer.
They can look at the server. They can do research. They can offer
solutions which you can accept or reject. It may be possible that they
have an internal document that covers your specific problem that only
three other support engineers have ever seen. Or they may advise that
a more aggressive solution may be required.

You may have a misunderstanding about what a Microsoft MVP is. Being
awarded an MVP is just a recognition by Microsoft that a person has
been helpful to the community in the past. They have helped provide
answers in the newsgroup, they may have been helpful in the
organization of local user groups or have done some other community
effort that Microsoft wanted to recognize. Any comments or suggestions
by MVPs does not automatically suggest elevated authority or
knowledge. It is just one person's opinion. There are some MVPs I
would let touch any of my accounts at any time. There are other MVPs
that I would probably never let touch my accounts. I might be someone
you would not trust. Maybe the medium is just not effective this time.
You can not see me bouncing ideas off of you and I cannot see you
bouncing ideas back off of me. Sometimes IM or phone conversations are
much more effective. ;-)

Have you googled your error message and tried any of the VSS and hard
drive recommendations?
See comment above about reregistering showed copy dlls
Mike replied on 16-Feb-08 04:50 PM
Thanks for the additional suggsestions Jim.  Some of the links you provided
look like they hold promise and are ones I didn't see when searching.  I'm
going to be calling MS, but it can't happen unitl the 28th.  Therefore I
want to have a good plan in place in case a reboot of the server happens and
I need to deal with the issue.

I can browse my image which indicates it should be good to restore from.
I'm also going to try to boot it in VMWare (which has support for BESR
images) or convert the image to a MS virtual server hard disk (BESR has a
tool for that too).

I know I could call MS without needing to reboot, but if we end up paying
for the issue I'd like to see it through with MS on the phone letting them
do everything in their power to get it fixed permanently.  Also, by the time
you've paid MS with a CC and explained your issue a few times to the first
line of people you reach it's been 45 minutes.  I'm not complaining, but at
that point I want to see the problem through to resolution.

Finally, I'm sure you're fully worth the MVP labeled you received I was just
mad and felt your response was lame.  You're right, IM and phone is much
better as it's easy to accidentally leave out all sorts of things you
intended to say or communicate on a threaded system like this.

Thanks again,

I have used SwingIt and it's a very good tool
Holz replied on 16-Feb-08 05:49 PM
On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 00:41:46 -0600

Typicall Dell setup.
See my guide in order to expand your partition.
The Linux rescue CD will check your partition, fix if possible, and
will allow you to safely stretch it.

live, or leave & let live.
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