Windows Server - Exmerge with SBS 2003 and Exchange 2003 ... 2GB Limit ?

Asked By Jo on 15-Jan-08 10:18 AM
We have attempted to backup mailboxes to PST for Archival purposes using the
Exmerge utility.  Unfortunately, it does not seem to be able to export more
than 2GB even when exporting to an NTFS Partition.  We have downloaded the
latest version of Exmerge, yet the logs still report a failure when
attempting to export beyond 2GB.

We are running Exmerge v6.5.7529.0.

Is there something I'm simply missing here?

Pedro CR replied on 15-Jan-08 11:02 AM
maybe it's a limitation of the PST format

I would sugest that when archiving thriugh exmerge you set smaller date
ranges ie one year.
Then archive the messages to PST (which would result in a PST < 2Gb) and
move them to another folderç
Re-run Exmerge and archive for the next year range

and so on...
Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] replied on 15-Jan-08 11:37 AM
This is a hard-coded limit in exmerge. It can't use unicode PST files. I
personally think it's bad to let mailboxes get that big (I use quotas so
that can't happen) but if you have a need for that, you'll either need to do
this in Outlook or get third party software (look at Quest, etc).
Cluc replied on 15-Jan-08 12:43 PM
As Lanwench points out, it's not possible. However, if you're using Outlook
2003 on the clients (which they should be) then you need to create a new
store file (and make sure it is the new unicode format and not the Outlook
97-2002 version) and then export the e-mails from each PC seperately. You can
then re-import them later.

Again, as per Lanwench's point, large mailboxes can be a real pain if things
go wrong, so try and force the users to do their own housekeeping, even if it
means creating a fresh .pst files for each user and storing those on the
server. It's the only way to keep the mailbox sizes down and keep the data
readily accessible.