Windows Server - Incoming email not showing up in clients Outlook inbox

Asked By Jerry on 20-Nov-07 05:05 PM
Had to restore the server and everthing seems to work fine except for the
e-mail.  I know that e-mail is being pulled off the QwestOffice server.  If
you check the Trend Scan-mail it shows those emails that have been scanned
but the messages never end up in the client mailboxes.  I sent a test message
to my SBS e-mail account and it did show up as an item that was scanned by
Trend but never has hit my Outlook.  Anybody have any clues that I should be
testing or changing to make the deliveries to clients Outlook mailboxes.
Thanks for any help.

Claus replied on 20-Nov-07 06:37 PM
Are you using a POP3 connector?
Did the store mount properly?
Did you check that the mailboxes are not orphaned?
Can you send messages?

Jerry replied on 20-Nov-07 08:36 PM
Yes we are using a POP3 connector.  As to the store mounting properly or the
mailboxes being orphaned I cannot answer those questions without a little
further help.  When we restored the backup using the "Backup Server
Instructions" we did not restore the Microsoft Stores as the instructions
stated do not check the box for the Microsoft stores.  As to the issue of
sending e-mails, we have not been able to send any outgoing e-mails since switched us to their on October 23, 2007.  The only
change that the new service added was webmail.  The instructions for the
change stated that we needed to change our outgoing e-mail address to and use port 465.  Used the EICW to change the address
for incoming and outgoing e-mails but only the incoming worked. Any other
information that would be of help please let me know.  Thanks.
Claus replied on 20-Nov-07 09:13 PM
I'm not quite sure I understand how you "restored" you server without
restoring Exchange. What happened and why did you restore (just curious).
If your users can send mail that means the Exchange is up and running. I
would reconfigure the POP3 connector and see if that fixes things.
As to checking your store (for troubleshooting in the future) you open the
Exchange Manager and check if the store is mounted. Then click on the mail
boxes and check if there are any with red X.

Jerry replied on 21-Nov-07 09:57 AM
I checked via Exchange Manager and no mail boxes have any red X's.  You can
access via remote e-mail access and see all messages, new and old.  This
morning I started my workstation expecting to see the messages that I could
see through remote but none appear.  Switch to remote and see new messages
being delivered.  Very perplexing.  As a respone to you qestion as to my
restore; over the weekend (Sunday) installed additional HDD to the server in
a raid 5, then moved some files from the the raid 1 drive 73gb(partitioned
into drive C w/10gig and rest as drive e, moved some files data and programs
that had nothing to do with the os to new raid 5 drive.  Monday morning could
logon and have e-mail delivery to workstation and internet access but could
not access any files on the network.  Tried everything I could think of with
no success and decided that the last backup was good and decided to do a
restore of drive c & e, systems states.  Did not check the box "Microsoft
Information Store" as the instructions stated to not check that box as all
Exchanger Server data is retored from the drive on which it is installed.
Therefore, if I am understanding that statement the Exchange did restore when
I restored the C drive.  Hope this explains what is and has happened.
Claus replied on 21-Nov-07 10:33 AM
Let's recap. When you log onto OWA you see all messages. When you log on via
Outlook you do not see the new messages.
Is that right? If so, check you configuration in Outlook and make sure
Outlook shows "online".

Jerry replied on 21-Nov-07 11:28 AM
That is correct.  Stupid question, but where in Outlook do you look to find
whether you are "online".  Thanks for all your help.
Claus replied on 21-Nov-07 02:48 PM
You should see a status on the bottom right. You can also hit the
send/receive to make it go on line. If the new messages still not show you
might have a view filter active.

Jerry replied on 22-Nov-07 03:45 PM
Claus,  Thanks for your help, however, I finally shelled out the big bucks
and placed a call to MS for help.  It was finally solved but took the MS tech
a little over 4 hours.   He did earn what we had to pay.  Thanks again.
Claus replied on 22-Nov-07 08:43 PM
Can you tell me what the cause was?

Jerry replied on 26-Nov-07 12:45 PM
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, Thanksgiving and another day off.
I cannot exactly tell you the source of the problem.  The tech person thought
it could have been something to do with the TrendMicro CSM corrupting a file
or scanning the e-mails coming in.  Sorry but I cannot give you an exact
cause, only it was very frustrating.  Oh,  after the tech's solution, our
client workstations get the proverbial message "Exchange in recovery mode".
Tried to apply the KB article on fixing the problem but did not have success.
I will call back to MS to have them finish the job.
Claus replied on 26-Nov-07 02:39 PM
Thanks, and make sure you add all exchange and SQL related folders to the
exclude box on your TM CSM.