Windows Server - SBS 2003 & Server 2000

Asked By andy on 11-Oct-07 09:10 PM
Is it possible to connect a Server 2000 system to an SBS 2003 domain. I know
this works for Server 2003, but not sure about 2000.
Thanks for your help.

MacroSystem replied on 11-Oct-07 10:04 PM
You can add the server using add computer or you can run dcpromo and make it
a domain controller.

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Russ \(SBITS.Biz\) replied on 11-Oct-07 10:26 PM
Works Great., I still have a Win2000 server.
(Celeron with the CPU fan Dead, the thing won't die)

Create the Computer ID on the SBS Box
use http://server/connectcomputer
on the server 2000

Additional Tips on the Configuration of the Win2003 Server



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kj [SBS MVP] replied on 12-Oct-07 12:09 AM long as you haven't raised your forest/domain functional level to 2003
naitive, you're OK with a 2000 DC. If either or both (DFL/FFL) are true,
then your 2K server can ony be a member server.