Windows Server - What do I need to do if I want to rename the SBS 2003 computer?

Asked By ChrisSwinne on 14-Sep-07 04:40 PM

I know that renaming an SBS 2003 computer (Standard R2) is not straight
forward. This is a new Dell machine but was given the wrong name on
installation and it needs to be changed. I can change the name of the machine
but then variious services stop working, such as Exchange, Sharepoint ect. I
am in the midle of uniinstalling and reinstalling the exchnage component,
then applying SP2, but is there anything elese that needs looking at, and is
these a better way of doing things?


SuperGumby [SBS MVP] replied on 14-Sep-07 04:57 PM
SBS cannot be renamed and remain fully functional, except by Format C:.
Les Connor [SBS MVP] replied on 14-Sep-07 05:00 PM
Hi Chris,

The fastest and cleanest way is to reinstall from scratch.

Les Connor [SBS MVP]
ChrisSwinne replied on 14-Sep-07 05:44 PM
Thanks, but what a pain in the arse
Larry Struckmeyer replied on 14-Sep-07 05:57 PM
Hi Chris:

Don't know what you know, so this may be old news.

The machine name, and the domain name really have no effect on anything
outside your LAN.  Now if it is made up of common 4 letter impolite words,
that could be an issue, but if it just says left.domain.lan when it should
say right.domain.lan, no biggy.

If it says, that is the domain name, not the machine
name that is wrong, but the same answer applies, unfortunately.

The choice of pain is really yours, some pain now to start over, or pain
forever watching the "wrong" name.

ChrisSwinne replied on 15-Sep-07 03:16 AM
Thanks Larry,

I was think this might be a simpler solution to just leave it, but it is
actually been given a duplicate name of an old SBS 2000 server from which we
want to copy settings and data accross from. This complicates things a little.

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] replied on 15-Sep-07 11:17 AM
Cris Hanna [SBS-MVP]

Yep - a USB hard drive and a robocopy batch file,and you are golden.