Windows Server - OWA not fully loading up on browser

Asked By Enis on 22-Apr-07 07:01 AM

I have just finished installing a SBS 2003 Standard server for one of
my clients and setup up OWA etc.  It lets me log in fine for her to
RWW, but when i click on 'Read my company email' under her credentials
it loads up the framework and left hand menu bar etc of OWA but
continually sits there saying 'Loading.....' on the right hand frame.
It doesn't matter if I click on the Mail or calendar or the contacts
menus on the LHS, the 'Loading.....' or 'Updating view....' message as
with the Calendar appears on the RHS and no content wants to show at

Any ideas about this little random issue?  Thanks.

Les Connor [SBS MVP] replied on 22-Apr-07 09:50 AM
Hi Enis,

Here are some google hits from this newsgroup: How old is your SBS
installation media, do you know what service pack level it's at? Take that
into consideration when you look at the date on the posts, as the
resolutions may be different for different SP levels.

Les Connor [SBS MVP]