Nicla replied on 17-Nov-06 05:13 AM

I've got a Windows 2003 sp1 server and I'm trying to get the host name
resolution order to use the host file first, however this doesn't work.
Windows 2003 is using DNS even if I've added DnsNbtLookupOrder and set it to

According to
through DNS before they try to resolve it through the earlier-version
node-type configuration. DNS or NetBIOS lookup order priority can be modified
by applying this registry entry"

AFAIK the NetBios resolution order is:

NetBIOS name cache
WINS server
B-node broadcast
HOSTS file
DNS server

So adding the registry value DnsNbtLookupOrder 1 should solve my issue, but
it doesn't.

Anyone got a clue how to change the host name resolution order so Windows
2003 checks the host file before DNS?


Windows Server - Hi,Windows 2003 in effect uses the host file first.

Asked By jw on 17-Nov-06 05:37 AM

Windows 2003 in effect uses the host file first.  When you add an entry to
the hosts file it is automatically written to the DNS cache.  The DNS cache
is the first port of call of the resolver so it will effectively pick up the
host file entry before going to a DNS server.

Run ipconfig /displaydns and you will see your host file entries.  Also
remember when you are playing around with DNS that negative responses are
also cached, so you ought to run ipconfig /flushdns after any changes.

Hope this helps

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Joe Dunn MCSE