Windows Server - DHCP Migration to 2008

Asked By bo on 12-Aug-08 07:09 PM
We are in the process of moving from a 2003 AD to 2008 AD. In the lab we have
successfully performed all the migration steps for the AD.
We are having problems with migrating the DHCP from Windows 2003 SP2 to 2008.
Both are 32bit. The source DHCP server is our production and the target is
in the lab on a different domain. The source is a physical server and the
target is a VM. We tried the following logged on as a domain administrator
with local administrator rights and as the local administrator.

We exported the source DHCP using "netsh dhcp server export c:\dhcp.txt all"
successfully. We then copied the file (dhcp.txt) from the source server to
the target server into the root (c:\). We added the DHCP role on the target
server, started the service, and re-booted the target. We verified the DHCP
Server service was running, went to a cmd prompt, and ran "netsh dhcp server
import c:\dhcp.txt all" to import the database.

The import failed with the following error:

Error while importing option "15."
This option conflicts with the existing option "" An internal error occurred.

We have searched for this particular error without success. Any



Meinolf Weber replied on 14-Aug-08 01:40 AM
Hello Bob,

Option 15 points to the "DNS domain name". IS the VM domain different? Then
i would try to change it in the dhcp.txt to the correct name.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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bo replied on 13-Aug-08 11:00 AM

Yes, the VM is in a different domain. I will check within the dhcp.txt to
try to change it.

bo replied on 13-Aug-08 06:49 PM
I attempted to edit the file in notepad without success. Is there another way
of removing the info without making changes on the source dhcp server?

bo replied on 14-Aug-08 03:16 PM
I figured it out.

I matched the DHCP options on the target with the source and then imported
the dhcp.txt file. I then reset the options on the target to reflect the new
domain & refreshed.
Everything was there.