Windows Server - Two IP addresses on LAN for PC how to give one priority

Asked By Brian Cryer on 30-May-08 05:38 AM
I think this is a DNS issue ....

I have a wired network card in my PC connected to a gigabit LAN in our
office. I also have a wireless network card (USB actually). So my wired
network card is much faster than the USB. Both acquire their IPs from DHCP,
and I can query DNS from any other pc in the office and get back two IPs for
my PC. Now my question is, for any other pc/server trying to access my pc is
their any way to force them to use the IP address associated with my gigabit
lan card rather than the slower wireless? (Yes, its convenient to keep the
wireless access so I can occasionally monitor wireless in the office.)

Brian Cryer

Chris Dent [MVP] replied on 30-May-08 05:51 AM
Not in DNS, no. Round Robin will be used to cycle between the two possible
IP Addresses for the system. Basically there's a 50/50 chance someone will
connect on the fast adapter.

Wouldn't it be easier to stop the Wireless card registering an entry in DNS

If you want to try that you will need to untick the "Register this
connections addresses in DNS", although it doesn't always work. If you find
the address is still registering the directions in this KB article will:

See "Forward and reverse per adapter".


Chris Dent
MVP Directory Services
Brian Cryer replied on 30-May-08 05:59 AM
Useful to know, and puts everything in perspective. Thanks.

Didn't think of that. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I will
look into it. Thank you.