Windows Server - How to move replicated folder to another drive?

Asked By jason on 25-Nov-08 05:38 PM

How do I move a dfs-r replicated folder from one drive to another on the
same file server?  It seems that this should be easy to do, but I haven't
been able to find a way to do it.  The folder in question resides on a
secondary server, not the primary.

Thanks for any help.

Marcin replied on 25-Nov-08 06:23 PM
Jason - refer to the solution described at

jason replied on 25-Nov-08 07:07 PM

Thanks for pointing me to that article.  I previously read it and still
wanted to clarify as it doesn't appear to be a clear process.  If it comes to
having to modify AD, I'd rather just remove the replication member and re-add
it.  I'd prefer to not do that though.

Marcin replied on 26-Nov-08 08:36 AM
Jason - just keep in mind that this approach will trigger replication...

jason replied on 26-Nov-08 11:57 AM

I realize that it will trigger replication and that's why I'm asking how to
move the location of the data.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a proven
way to move the data from one drive to another.

Thanks for your help.
jason replied on 08-Dec-08 02:46 PM
I found this in a DFS Faq...

Can I change the path for a replicated folder after it is created?

No. If you need to change the path of a replicated folder, you must delete
it in DFS Management and add it back as a new replicated folder. DFS
Replication then uses Remote Differential Compression (RDC) to perform a
synchronization that determines whether the data is the same on the sending
and receiving members. It does not replicate all the data in the folder again.

Seems strange.  I thought that it would replicate all of the data again
unless I maybe used Robocopy to move it to the new drive.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?