Windows Server - Enable Journal Wrap to fix Event ID 13568 on Win 2003?

Asked By commande on 14-May-08 02:04 PM
Should I "Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore" on Windows Server 2003 to
fix Event ID 13568 or not?
After seeing event 13568, I looked for more detail and found this:
Windows Server 2003 is not listed in the "Applies to" section and this is in
the middle of the article:
Important Microsoft does not recommend that you use this registry setting,
and it should not be used post-Windows 2000 SP3.
That seems to imply "don't use it on Windows Server 2003"

Cleve S. replied on 20-May-08 04:19 PM

I followed the instructions in the error message and enabled automatic
restore.  It worked fine for me, Windows Server 2003 SP2.

Cleve S.