Windows Server - dsadd question

Asked By Brion on 15-Oct-08 11:37 AM
I'm trying to create user accounts using dsadd - works fine except when it
comes to the -memberof switch.  I would like to add the users to more than
one group.  How can I do this?  It only seems to work if just specify one


Richard Mueller [MVP] replied on 15-Oct-08 12:08 PM
It should work if you separate the DN's by spaces. If any group DN has
spaces, enclose in quotes.

Richard Mueller
MVP Directory Services
Hilltop Lab -
Brion replied on 17-Oct-08 08:51 AM
Ahh, a simple space was all I needed!  I was trying comma, semicolon,
everything else I could think of but never tried a space.  Worked like
charm.  Thanks Richard!