Windows Server - .bat file not running via group policy or AD user profile

Asked By Brent War on 13-Sep-07 02:24 PM
I have two print servers.  I need to move a couple hundred people from
pointing at the old printer shares to the shares on the new print server.
The old one runs W2k and the new box runs W2k3.  Our domain is running w2k3
on the DCs.  I have written a batch file that will convert users' network
printers called convert.bat.  I created a GPO and linked it to an OU with a
few users in it for testing purposes.  The GPO shows as being enabled AND
enforced, but the .bat file refuses to run.  I have placed it in the SYSVOL
folder, the default locations that come up when you browse for a logon
script, even in other shares I have created.  I have also inserted the file
into specific users' AD profiles to run from there.  NOTHING happens.

However, if I navigate to the SYSVOL share on a user's computer and manually
start the file, it runs perfectly.  SO the good thing is that i wrote a file
that works, but the bad news is that it won't push out on the domain to
automatically update users.

I have told the logon script to run visible, and I've not seen it.  So
either the policy isn't working at all, or the file just isn't starting up.

BrentWar replied on 13-Sep-07 03:06 PM
As a follow-up, I have setup a couple of users AD profile to have this
the other one was not.  The user that was a Domain Admin -- the script ran
beautifully!  The user that was not--it didn't run.
Jorge Silva replied on 13-Sep-07 06:13 PM
If you logon with that user and manually run the script?

I hope that the information above helps you.
Have a Nice day.

Jorge Silva
MCSE, MVP Directory Services
RyanHanisc replied on 13-Sep-07 09:36 PM
Hi Brent,

If you are running it as a User Script, make sure you are attaching it to an
OU with users in it.  If it is just an OU with the few workstations in it,
then the script won't run unless you have the appropriate loopback settings
made.  (And it should be a user script as the printers don't get added to the
rrunning profile until the HKCU hive is instantiated.)
Ryan Hanisco
MCSE, MCTS: SQL 2005, Project+
Chicago, IL

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