Windows Server - Why a GC and Infrastructure role cannot coexist

Asked By samir shah on 05-Feb-07 08:45 AM
What would be the problem if GC and Infrastrutucre are on same server.

As microsoft recommends having both on separate domain controller.

samir shah

Paul Williams [MVP] replied on 05-Feb-07 08:53 AM
That depends.  In a single domain forest, or a domain in a multi-domain
forest where all DCs are GCs, there is no issue and you can have them

The only time you can't is when you have a multi-domain forest and there are
DCs in a domain, that aren't GCs, and the IM sits on a GC.  Under such
circumstances the phantom cleanup thread cannot run, as it needs to compare
the DN and SID of foreign objects against those of the phantoms it holds.
It does this by cracking the GUID held locally against a GC.

See this for more info:

Paul Williams
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Joe Richards [MVP] replied on 05-Feb-07 03:52 PM
Great question, it is an outstanding chance for you to learn about
Active Directory...

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samir shah replied on 11-Feb-07 12:10 AM
Thanx to you ppl for all ur help