Windows Server - Question about NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation and Volumes

Asked By Nicholi on 02-Apr-10 09:17 PM
According to the TechNet article setting NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation
to 2 (the default value on Win7) enables per volume creation of the
short 8dot3 filenames. But, how does one query if a particular volume
is enabled or disabled at this point? Using fsutil seems to only show
the value of NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation, but no way to independently
query a volume to see if it is on or off. Is there isome place to view
the volume's details in order to find if 8dot3 short filename creation
has been disabled or not? There does not seem to be much information on
this, just the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation setting itself.


TechNet article:

Nicholi replied to Nicholi on 08-Apr-10 06:14 PM
Well do not I feel stupid. The fustil documentation was not that clear,
but I see there are two ways to query a volume now.

fsutil 8dot3name query volume
fsutil behavior disable8dot3 volume

Which helps me a little, though my true aim is some API call (or even
using COM) to query a particular volume's setting. For an installer
which uses a rather old Microsoft interface (Video for Windows, VfW),
and will only install correctly if shortname generation is enabled.
I am sure I could somehow add in an ugly call to fsutil and then parse
the output... but looking for something a little less cumbersome.
Searching the MSDN though just keeps pulling back to the page
identifying the registry value, or fsutil docs.
Dave Patrick replied to Nicholi on 12-Apr-10 08:19 PM
You might ask them here.



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Nicholi replied to Dave Patrick on 13-Apr-10 05:29 PM
Thanks, I will try there. Though that is the Server forums a solution
for Win2k8R2 should hopefully be the same as one for Win7.
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard replied to Nicholi on 14-Apr-10 04:54 AM
then parse the output... <br>
is making and use it directly.</p>
Nicholi replied to Jonathan de Boyne Pollard on 15-Apr-10 02:54 PM

Exactly what I would like to do, if I knew what fsutil is calling...
Any idea how I can find that out?