Windows Server - Can't create a new partition on unallocated drive

Asked By Jef on 20-Jun-07 09:08 AM
Hello there,

I am trying to create a new partition on an unallocated drive but the option
is greyed out. I have a 2.7 TB RAID5 created using a 3ware Raid controller
which is disk 0. To install the operating system, I created a 10 GB system
drive and install the OS on a 30 GB Disk 1. I was only able to create a 2TB
partition on Disk 0 but the 2.7 TB drive was split into two unallocated
drives 2TB and 7 GB.

I need to create a new logical\partition drive because I need the disk space.

Thank you


Bob replied on 21-Jun-07 05:55 AM
Hi Jeff

Try creating a series of partitions (I have run into a 2TB limit for SCSI).
Then make a "volume set" (that's what it used to be called in NT4 - it has a
fancy new name in W2k(3))
I now have a 28TB drive that I store my data on


JoshuaBolto replied on 25-Jun-07 03:53 PM
Jeff 2TB is a limit of being a Basic disk.  Remove all partitions and make
the disk dynamic.  Then you will get your 2.7gig.

Bob a volume set is a TERRIBLE thing to do with any data you even remotely
care about.  I have seen chkdsk /f, while correcting a error, break the disk
link rendering all the data only as good as the last backup.  With you
backing up that much data I would bet you don't test your backups.  Untested
backups are worthless.

You are playing russian roulet with your data and very possibly your job.