Windows Server - C:\Windows\Debug folder - Why is this filling up?

Asked By 86c6c2e6-214651271 on 08-Apr-07 02:26 PM
I noticed my C:\Windows\Debug folder is filled with a hundred

What are these all about?

Do I have a debuging tool enabled and don't know it? Or maybe these are used
by dfsmgmt.msc diagnostic reports?

How do I control what goes in here?

Does it maintain itself or will it continuously fill until I run out of disk


v-kzha replied on 09-Apr-07 06:58 AM
Hello Bob,

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Based on my experience, generally if you enable certain debug logs, the
system will create automatically this folder to store the debug logs. It is
hard to determine what debug logs have been enabled. The following articles
are for your reference:
How to enable user environment debug logging in retail builds of Windows

How to enable verbose debug tracing in various drivers and subsystems

Thanks & Regards,

Ken Zhao

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