Windows Server - New Web Proxy List - View Restricted Content with web proxy

Asked By melati197 on 25-Feb-09 09:35 PM
I have found the web that contain alot of fastest web proxy list.
You can browse sites that your school, work or library have blocked


Peter Larsen replied on 25-Feb-09 10:46 AM
Good ploy, being the man in the middle you get all the log-in id's and
passwords, right?

Hopefully the hosts file maintainers see that url .... you may not know what
I am thinking of, but that's all right with me and - presumeably - with
everybody else.

Kind regards

Peter Larsen
Phillip Windell replied on 25-Feb-09 03:34 PM
It's kinda like a bank robber calling 911 and saying when and where he is
going to do the robbery and inviting the police to join him.

Phillip Windell

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