Windows Server - Using 2 mail addresses on same exchange sever

Asked By Dan on 12-Feb-07 05:08 PM
I've read to enable exchange to use 2
smtp domains.

I receive the mail just fine.

works fine.

When I try to send the mail from the 2nd domain (I've enable the from field
in outlook) - I get an error (I'm on exchange 2007, using outlook 2003):


How can I choose from which address I'm sending the mail ?

How can I make the 2nd address work ?

(The 2nd address is configured in the recipient mail policies, and at the
accepted domains, and incoming mail works fine)



Ed Crowley [MVP] replied on 12-Feb-07 09:05 PM
You can use two different e-mail clients or two separate profiles because
Outlook doesn't support sending from different addresses on the same
mailbox.  There is only one "reply address", the one marked with capital
Ed Crowley
MVP - Exchange
Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] replied on 13-Feb-07 08:58 AM
Dani <Dani@> typed:

If this is a second address defined in your mailbox, you can't "send as" -
you'd need to set it up as another mailbox (or even a DL) to which you've
got Send As rights, and then you can use the From field.

You might check out ChooseFrom at