Windows Server - Outlook 2003 auto deleting emails.

Asked By Tom on 29-Jan-07 03:22 PM
I have a user that has Outlook 2003 SP2 in Exchange cached mode, the exchange
server is Exhange 2003 SP2,  the user notified me that he was not receiving
some  emails that were sent to him,  we did some message tracking and can see
the emails being delivered to his email box,  after some looking around he
finally noticed that the missing emails were in the recovery section and
would not recover,  over the weekend he saw some emails he needed in OWA and
when he came into the office and opened Outlook the emails were not in
outlook and we
again in the recovery section,  This is the only person that has noticed
this problem and  I am thinking it is a outlook client issue,  has anybody
seem this behavior.

Andy David {MVP} replied on 29-Jan-07 03:26 PM
Recovery section? You mean the dumpster?

If the dumpster underneath the inbox, then something is hard-deleting
the mesages ( PDAs, rules that move to a pst, etc...)
Tom replied on 29-Jan-07 03:55 PM
If you go to tools and Recover Deleted Items, is that the dumpster.

He did have some rules but has disabled of them.