Windows Server - Ex 2003 offline defrag - how long?

Asked By fugowey on 07-Jul-10 07:06 PM
Ready to upgrade to Exchange 2007 (better late than never - right?)

Doing an offline defrag on 150GB mail store, Exchange 2003 - does
anyone have any recent experience as far as how long it will take??

I have read anywhere from 3-9GB/hour in various postings/articles
Going to do it on a higher end dual core (current) server with 24GB of
RAM - hoping this will help speed things along.
(Dual E5520, 24GB RAM, 64-bit Win 2008)

Any thoughts/suggestions are (greatly) appreciated!


Andrew Hodgson replied to fugowey on 08-Jul-10 03:04 PM
Why not Exchange 2010?

Why do the offline defrag if moving to a new Exchange version?  How
much free space do you have in the database (use event viewer)?

Exchange 2003 will not install on Windows Server 2008.