Windows Server - SMTP Exchange 2000 1000 characters per line truncation

Asked By sean on 20-Jul-07 04:28 PM
I am using Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 as an smtp server.  I need to send
html format emails that have single lines larger than the smtp 1000
characters per line limit

I get a "IPlanet-SMTP-Warning  Lines longer than SMTP allows found and
truncated."  when sending to roadrunner email accounts.

I would like to know how to setup exchange 2000 to automatically <CRLF>
longline HTML emails.   I tried setting the wordwrap option but it only
affects plain text emails and that is not an option for me.  It must work
with HTML


John Fullbright replied on 20-Jul-07 04:44 PM says:

the transport requirements of RFC 2821, do not accept messages that have
more than 1000 characters per line, including the CRLF. Therefore, mail
applications must not create such messages. To work around this issue, turn
off the ESMTP verb (or chunking) capability on the Exchange Server computer
and force the Exchange Server computers to format messages in typical SMTP
format when the message is being relayed."

To do this, see