Windows Server - 'Like' Operator or wildcard in send port filters?

Asked By Dave on 17-Apr-07 10:32 AM

I'm trying to create a send port that has a filter based on
BTS.OutboundTransportLocation. Is it possible for me to configure this
in such a way that I can use a wildcard or 'like' operator that would
search for the presence of e.g. 'TESTURI' in the
e.g BTS.OutboundTransportLocation == *TESTURI*


Leonid Ganeline replied on 17-Apr-07 01:15 PM
As I know it is not possible.


Leonid Ganeline

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: BizTalk Server 2006
SaravanaKuma replied on 19-Apr-07 08:26 AM
You can set the filter expressions with a number of operators that offer you
flexibility in how you filter the property (equality or inequality, exists,
greater than, great than or equal to, less than, and less than or equal to).

We need to keep in mind the expression is going to work out from the message
context and its not going to query the database directly. So in theory you
won't have the full flexibility of database queries.

Saravana Kumar