Windows Server - getting the filename of a file inside a ZIp file

Asked By philippe.kozube on 22-Oct-07 01:51 PM

i will like to know how to get the filename of a file inside a zip....
the  msg(FILE.RECEIVEFILENAME).. gives me the zip  name... and i will
like to have the name of the file inside the zip.

can i acheive that thrue an ORC or i have 2 do it thrue the

thanks for the quick answer... i need it for production !!!!!!


DouglasMars replied on 23-Oct-07 04:24 PM
There is no "Out of the Box" functionality that would allow you to do this.

It can be accomplished in either an orchestration or in a pipeline component.

You would need to write a utility class around a .NET Zip library, use that
class to examine the zip file and retrieve the filename. You could then
assign the filename to the FILE.RECEIVEDFILENAME context value.

I have used SharpZip with
success in the past.

Here is a link to the Code Project post around created a Zip Capable
pipeline component.

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