Windows Server - Message Assignment: intermittent 'expression that you have entered is not valid' compile error

Asked By Zoe Hart on 07-Jun-07 10:35 AM
I'm using a Message Assignment shape to essentially copy an existing message
and then set one of its promoted properties to a unique ID. I had been using
some code to simply generate a GUID and that was working OK. Then someone
suggested that I use the orchestration instance ID since it would be unique
(outside of this orchestration anyway, which is just right for my purposes)
and might provide some useful information when debugging. So the code inside
my Message Assignment now looks like this:

CartWithID = Cart;
CartWithID(*) = Cart(*);
CartWithID(MySchemas.PropertySchema.cart_id) =

With the above code in my Message Assignment shape, my orchestration usually
builds without error. Sometimes however it fails to build and reports
and re-enter the same exact code. And then it builds successfully. Until it
fails again some time in the future and I repeat the whole process. This
seems like a bug to me. Has anyone else seen this? Is it a known bug? Is
there a fix? Available or in the works? Or is it simply queued up behind
more important bugs that exceed the annoyance level threshold where this bug


Saravana Kumar replied on 07-Jun-07 05:37 PM
I have seen intermittent problems like this in my orchestration designer.
Even though the statement inside the expression shape is valid it will put
that exception button in the top saying the statement is invalid. Some time
it won't compile. just closing and reopening visual studio seem to solve the

Saravana Kumar
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